Voyage of the Atlantic 2020 - 2021

Sailing to Europe, Africa, and the Spanish Main

In 2008-2009 we made a long hoped for voyage around the North Atlantic from Nova Scotia, to Eurpoe, Africa and the Caribbean. It far exceeded my hopes for what  the voyage could be. Long ocean passages, Old World ports, lots of tall ships, beautiful old harbours, amazing and charming contrasts as we sailed onward to Morocco and Senegal, a serene trade wind passage to the Caribbean Islands we love so much but now see in a new context of culture and history. A few gales, calms and great trade winds, island hopping, small boat handling and almost no motoring. The crew got really very good at sailing the ship. This is a 10,000 nautical mile voyage through our own undiscovered world of the North Atlantic - from the westerlies up north bound for Europe, to the balmy palm tree breezes within the Tropic of Cancer sailing for and among the green isles of my beloved Caribbean.

In 2020 the Picton Castle is planning on sailing around the Atlantic Ocean again on a voyage of discovery to Europe and Africa and then the Caribbean. Sailing on a late spring departure across the North Atlantic to explore for ourselves as crew of a classic windjammer the ocean world of the Azores, Ireland, Wales, England, France, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Portugal before sailing on to Africa and onto the casbahs of Morocco, majestic Dakar, Senegal and to the Cape Verde Islands. From West Africa we sail across the mid Atlantic to the Lesser Antilles of Eastern Caribbean on a tradewind passage to Grenada, Carriacou, the Grenadines, Bequia, Dominica, Antigua, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Nevis & St Kitts, St Barts, Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, and Bermuda.

When we made a voyage along these general routes  some years ago, we were literally amazed by it. We have been talking about it ever since. It was so rich and excitingly diverse that we have been wanting to head back and explore so much further. We are working on developing these plans now and will be posting them as they get further along. Stay tuned.

Captain Daniel Moreland, Barque Picton Castle



Itinerary, Atlantic Voyage 2020-2021

LegLocationPort Date
Leg 1Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CanadaMay 1, 2020
 Baltimore, Ireland 
 Liverpool, UK 
 Milford Haven, Wales 
 Falmouth, UK 
 Brest, France 
 Douarnenez, France 
 Denmark or UK port to be determinedJuly 25, 2020
Leg 2Denmark or UK port to be determinedJuly 26, 2020
 Dunkirk, France 
 Amsterdam, Netherlands 
 Bremerhaven, Germany 
 Svendborg, Denmark 
 Bornholm, Denmark 
 Stockholm, Sweden 
 Mariehamn, Aaland Islands 
 Copenhagen, Denmark 
 Tonsberg, Norway 
 Esbjerg, DenmarkOctober 15, 2020
Leg 3Esbjerg, DenmarkOctober 16, 2020
 Porto, Portugal 
 Funchal, Madeira Islands 
 Essaouira, Morocco 
 Dakar, Senegal 
 Cape Verde Islands 
 St. George's, GrenadaFebruary 1, 2021
Leg 4St. George's, GrenadaFebruary 2, 2021
 Carriacou, Grenada 
 Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines 
 St. Pierre, Martinique 
 Les Iles Des Saintes, Guadeloupe 
 St. Bart's 
 St. George's, Bermuda 
 Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CanadaMay 5, 2021

*Itinerary is subject to change for any reason at any time.

Who Can Sail

This voyage is open to people of all nationalities and genders, ages 18 and up. No sailing experience is required. You will be part of the working crew of the ship, so prepare to roll up your sleeves and dive in cheerfully!

There is an application process that starts when you click Apply Now below and fill in the online application form. From there, we'll request a note from your doctor that says you're in good health and can do moderately strenuous physical activity on a remote, oceangoing voyage. We'll also request payment of a deposit, which will hold your spot. 

On previous voyages we have required applicants to come visit the ship in person for an in-person interview. On this voyage, we'll save you the time and expense of a trip to Lunenburg and arrange an interview with you by phone or Skype instead. It's still important for you to see Picton Castle, including what the accommodations are like, how we eat meals, what the bathroom/shower situation is, what you'll be doing when you stand a watch, and so on, so we'll recommend some videos for you to watch that give you the full tour.

Sail Longer to Save More

Sail for two legs and receive a 10% reduction in price

Sail for three legs and receive a 12.5% reduction in price

Sail for four legs paid leg-by-leg and receive a 15% reduction in price

Sail for four legs paid in advance and receive a 21% reduction in price (entire voyage cost below includes this reduction)


Prices for the voyage, in US dollars (USD), are as follows.

Entire Voyage: $43850
Leg 1: $13850
Leg 2: $13850
Leg 3: $13850
Leg 4: $13850

Uncertain about the cost? Look more closely at our voyage fees.

Apply Now

Step aboard for this adventurous journey. Start by filling out the online trainee application form. For more information, contact the voyage coordinator. We look forward to receiving your application.

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