Voyage of the Atlantic 2020 - 2021

Europe, Tall Ships, Africa, Tradewinds, Transatlantic, Caribbean Islands, the Spanish Main. One year. Over 10,000 nautical miles all under sail. Casting off spring 2020 for the voyage of a lifetime.  

Be a crew member on this epic voyage and learn time honoured seafaring skills, meet people in their terms in their own countries and their own homes, challenge yourself daily, make enduring friendships with shipmates who become like family and have adventures you'll be telling stories about for the rest of your life. 

No sailing experience needed to join Picton Castle as a trainee crew member. 

World Voyage 7

In April 2018, Picton Castle will begin an epic seventh world circumnavigation.  Join the ship as a trainee for the full year-long voyage or for a leg of the voyage! 

Beginning in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, Picton Castle will sail south for Panama and its famous canal, to the Galapagos Islands, islands in French Polynesia, the Cook Islands including Rarotonga and Palmerston Atoll, Vava'u in the Kingdom of Tonga, a number of islands in Vanuatu, Bali, Rodrigues, Reunion, South Africa, Namibia, St. Helena, a number of Caribbean islands and Bermuda before returning to Lunenburg in May 2019.  

This voyage is open to men and women ages 18+ of all nationalities.  No sailing experience is required, just good health and the desire to be a working part of the crew.  

Great Lakes 2019

Join the crew of the Picton Castle for the Tall Ships Challenge on the Great Lakes in 2019!  Sign aboard for one week, two weeks, three weeks, or the full three months.  

Starting in June 2019, sail from the ship's base of operations in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada up the St. Lawrence River and into the waters of Lakes Ontario, Erie, Huron and Michigan. 

Be part of a majestic fleet of tall ships, barques, brigs, brigantines, schooners, ketches, and sloops.  As a crew member, you will be at the middle of the celebrations of these vessels, the people who sail them, and the traditional skills it takes to do that.

While aboard, you will be part of the working crew. Stand watches, scrub the decks, help the cook in the galley, take the helm, and learn the time-honoured skills of sailing a square rigger. Although the distances we cover on this voyage may not be great, you will immerse yourself in the routine of life aboard as you become a sailor. 

This voyage is open to those ages 16 and up, of all nationalities. No sailing experience is needed, just good health and a desire to be a working part of the crew and a good shipmate. 

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