Pricing an Adventure

The Pricing of an Adventure

"The adventure of a lifetime."

It sounds cliché but that's how Picton Castle crew consistently describe their experience aboard our ship. By contrast, those who haven't had the experience of living and working aboard our beautiful barque will sometimes stand mouth agape asking, "You pay how much to work?"

We recognize the cost of a major voyage like the upcoming Voyage to the South Pacific involves more than a little pocket change, but trainees agree our cost-shared voyages are worth every penny. And is it really that expensive? Let's break it down a bit.

Consider the Cost of Other Hard-work Adventures of a Lifetime

Mount Everest Climb

To climb Mount Everest with the aid of an experienced guide and Sherpas, but with no guarantee of a summit, costs as much as $90,000 with a guide, with your actual time on the mountain being two and a half months. To do it yourself without a guide or Sherpas will still cost you $35,000USD. And you will still need to travel there and back, and cover food and accommodation while not on the mountain.

Mount Kilamanjaro Climb

If climbing Mount Kilimanjaro—the highest mountain in Africa—is a more realistic dream for you, you can expect to pay $3,200USD to $5,500USD to climb with a licensed guide for the six days it will take you to climb up and back. And again: you need to fly there and back, and you have all the others costs associated with travel like accommodation and meals.

National Outdoor Leadership School

To spend one semester (2.5 months) on a National Outdoor Leadership School, learning skills in sailing, climbing, trekking or paddling,  costs  $18,790USD. Their longest available adventure lasts 135 days (about 4 1/2 months) and costs $29,995 USD.  

And these adventures all take place in one geographic area; on the upcoming Voyage to the South Pacific Picton Castle will visit ports you cannot fly to (like Pitcairn Island - you can only get there by boat/ship) as well as exotic bucket-list stops like Galapagos Islands, French Polynesia and Easter Island.

Around the World by Plane

(Not really "hard work" but aguably an adventure of a lifetime)

A round the world airline ticket with a few stops will cost you around $2,700USD; the more places you visit the more it costs and there are certainly tickets out there $15,000USD and higher. A round the world airline ticket that includes 33+ stops? Yikes! And you will still have to pay for food, lodging, customs fees and sundry items as well as sometimes having to get yourself from one place to another by bus or train which is generally not included in the airline ticket. 

Everything's Included on your Voyage

What's included in your Picton Castle trainee fees? Your accommodation &  meals (on the ship), port fees and entry fees for the countries we visit, plus, all instruction and training, as well as the costs associated with running and maintaining the ship.

A one-week sailing course with an accredited school will cost you $2795USD and up.  That's nearly $400USD per day to get the basics of sailing that one boat.  Over the 3 months of a single leg, or the 13 months of the full Voyage to the South Pacific, we will teach you square-rig sailing, sail making, rigging, navigation, small boat handling (including sailing small boats!)  and a host of other skills - those that are exclusively marine and those that easily transfer ashore.

Adventure of a lifetime? No question! Worth it? Absolutely!

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