World Voyage Gear List

Bring Less Than You Imagine

You're going on a long voyage, but it is mostly in the warm tropics, so you will not need to bring much. Every now and then, the ship will visit a place where you can buy everything extra you may need. It is best to bring only what you will absolutely need rather than everything you might wish for. While your personal storage space in the Picton Castle is ample when compared to other vessels, it is distinctly limited to what can fit in the shelves of your bunk or in your storage locker or sea chest.

What we're saying is this: Think about bringing a lot less than you imagine.

The Basics we Recommend

Valid Passport
Essential. It is impossible to travel without it.
A sea bag or duffel bag that can be rolled up and stowed.
The ship provides blankets and sheets and pillow. Some folks prefer their own pillow. A lightweight sleeping bag will be useful for treks ashore if you're interested. We also recommend a camping pad for sleeping on deck on hot nights.
Foul weather gear
You can buy this at marine supply stores in the U.S. and Canada and at most large ports, including Lunenburg, so you could wait till you join the ship to buy your gear. Otherwise, bring jacket & trousers, Helly Hansen or the equivalent, in bright colors. Knee boots with heels are best.
We often go barefoot on board. But thong sandals are popular along the way, as are running shoes or sneakers. A good pair of rubber-soled walking shoes will be valuable.
One or two sets of get-dirty work clothes and one or two shore outfits are recommended. Lightweight carpenter-style jeans, blue or white, are popular for hot weather. Shorts and T-shirts are obvious. Long-sleeve cotton work shirts are a big plus for tramping about in buggy places and are good for sun protection. You'll get stuff along the way.
Dress clothes
These are a good idea; much of the world is still old-fashioned. A nice dress or skirt for the women and white shirt and tie with long pants for the men may come in handy (something foldable).
Warm clothes
The first week and the last week could be cool, so bring clothes that layer—long underwear, tee shirt, flannel shirt, medium sweater—and pile it on as needed. Tropical evenings can sometimes be cool.
Other Suggested Gear
  • Good sunglasses
  • 15 or better sun block
  • Sun hat
  • 6-inch sheath knife with sheath for belt
  • Your own personal hygiene products for 2–3 months
  • Talcum powder (former crew recommend Gold Bond® Medicated Powder)
  • Camera and film
  • Notebooks
  • Insect repellent
  • Towels and wash cloths (2)
  • Small waterproof flashlight & spare batteries
  • Battery-operated fan(s) for bunk
  • Clothespins
  • Saltwater soap
  • Swim suits (2)
  • Modest daypack for off-ship treks
  • If you want a safety harness of your own, bring it.


It is almost inevitable that you will bring too much, so resist the urge. And remember—you can get anything you may want in many ports where we stay.

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