Tall Ship Odyssey

picton castle tall ship under sail tall ship odysseyPicton Castle has teamed up with Tell Tale Productions to pitch a new TV show to Discovery Canada, Tall Ship Odyssey.  

The show will follow Captain Daniel Moreland, his wife Tammy and their two and a half year old son Dawson, along with the ship's crew, on adventurous deep sea voyages aboard the tall ship Picton Castle.  

Discovery Canada is currently collecting audience feedback to determine if they should make the show and air it on television.  

Using footage filmed aboard Picton Castle during the ship's visit to Bali in October 2014 and archival footage, Tell Tale Productions has put together five "webisodes" (mini web-episodes) that feature different aspects of life aboard.  One shows the big picture, another focuses on the Moreland family, one showcases the ship and the seamanship training experience aboard, one explores the travel aspect, and one delves into the relationships between shipmates.  The webisodes can be viewed on the Discovery Canada website.  

After watching the webisodes, you can provide feedback through a survey on the Tell Tale Productions website.  

We want to share the experience of life at sea aboard a working tall ship!  This television show, like Tall Ship Chronicles, which was filmed aboard our second world circumnavigation voyage and featured Andrew Younghusband, will allow the landsman a glimpse into what happens on Picton Castle when she's out of view of the public, at sea between ports, and in the various exotic locales we routinely visit.  

If Discovery Canada chooses to go ahead with Tall Ship Odyssey, the show will be filmed aboard our upcoming Transatlantic Voyage, which begins October 1, 2015 in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada.  

How you can help

We would love for Tall Ship Odyssey to get the green light from Discovery Canada.  To do that, they need to know there is enough audience interest.  There are several ways you can show your interest and support:

Watch the webisodes - Go to the Discovery Canada website and watch.  Currently the webisodes are only viewable in Canada.  They will later be made available internationally.  If you'd like to be notified when the Tall Ship Odyssey webisodes are available internationally, give us your email address and we'll contact you.  

Provide feedback through the survey - Go to the Tell Tale Productions website and fill in the 10-question survey.  Let us know your favourite parts because that will help sharpen the focus of the full-length show if it's produced.  

Like the Tall Ship Odyssey Facebook page - Stay in touch for all the news and updates on the show.

Tell your friends - Spread the word!  The more views, surveys and likes Tall Ship Odyssey gets, the more likely it is to be made into a television series.

Have these webisodes about life aboard Picton Castle inspired you to sail?  No sailing experience is necessary to join the crew.  Trainee berths are available.  

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