Captain Moreland Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

LUNENBURG - Captain Daniel Moreland, master of the Lunenburg, Nova Scotia based sail training ship Picton Castle, has received Tall Ships America's highest honour, the Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Presented on Saturday January 30, 2016 in Quebec City at the joint conference of Sail Training International and Tall Ships America, the Lifetime Achievement Award is given to an individual who has dedicated his or her life's work to getting people to sea under sail and who has worked to preserve the traditions and skills of sail training.

Receiving the award, Captain Moreland said "I accept this award in the name of the crew of the Picton Castle of the last 20 years.  They often say it's my dream to sail around the world, but we wouldn't get off the dock if it wasn't also their dream, wasn't principally their dream."

Moreland began his career at sea by sailing sloops and schooners amongst the islands of the Eastern Caribbean, then signed on as mate aboard the brigantine Romance for a world circumnavigation under the command of Captain Arthur Kimberly. 

Receiving this award in front of an international audience was especially fitting as Moreland continued his seafaring career in Europe aboard Denmark's state training ship, Danmark.  In his acceptance speech, Moreland acknowledged his Danish captains as mentors, as well as the ongoing work both Danmark and the other Danish training ship Georg Stage do in training mariners today. 

After his award-winning restoration of the schooner Ernestina ex Effie M. Morrissey, development of the sail training program aboard the US Brig Niagara and working as master and mate aboard various sail training vessels, Moreland turned his attention to Picton Castle

Moreland selected, designed and rigged the ship, with most of the work being done in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, then proceeded to command her for most of the past 20 years, including six world circumnavigation voyages. 

Picton Castle's mission is sail training, provided on long voyages to international and exotic ports while crossing oceans and sailing deep waters.  Trainee crew participate fully in all aspects of shipboard life, standing watches, taking the helm, handling lines and sails, and assisting with the maintenance of the ship.  Through this, they play a part in preserving traditional seamanship skills and, perhaps more importantly, develop the skills required to work with others as responsible, resourceful citizens. 

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