Picton Castle's Around the World Voyage Featured in Soundings Magazine

"Veterans of circumnavigations on “the Castle,” as they affectionately call her, return tanned and fit, some showcasing Polynesian tattoos done the traditional way, with a boar’s tooth and hammer. They boast stunning photos and sea bags full of memories. Along the way, they’ve developed practical competencies, such as caulking, painting, rigging, small-boat handling and sail-making. The crew make all of Picton Castle’s 23 sails aboard ship by hand. They also explain, in varying ways, that they have refined their coping skills, sometimes under trying circumstances, managed their expectations in a situation where the good of the ship comes first and taken initiative while confronting problems large and small — all while having the time of their lives."

Read the whole article by Jeff Bolster in the latest issue of Soundings here

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