Day's Run

Ship Yard in Fiji

Both prudent ship management and logical marine regulation call for ships to be drydocked from time to time and have their hulls inspected and looked after. This is only natural as most vessels are in a somewhat corrosive environment of salt water. Freshwater is different and much kinder to steel, not so much to wood, […]

Bosun School Lunenburg

Captain’s Log 10 October, 2016 – Drydock Continues …

Picton Castle has now been in drydock for a week.  The ship was hauled out last Monday at the Lunenburg Foundry for routine maintenance.  We haul the ship out of the water every two years in order to inspect, clean and overhaul the hull and the through-hull fittings.  She’s awfully impressive out of the water, […]

Atlantic Voyage 2012-2013

Going Into Drydock

Getting into dry dock is an interesting process that started yesterday morning with heaving up the port anchor and four shots of chain. That anchor was set last June, so you can imagine the amount of muck we lifted as the anchor was raised. With just a small crew on hand and no substitutes on […]