Day's Run Transatlantic Voyage 2015

Day’s Run – 5 November, 2015

This afternoon’s workshop was a passage and weather update from the Captain. He explained that we’re making good progress, both in miles logged and in the developing competence of the crew. The watches were focussed on the mainsail today as we set it and took it in plenty of times depending on the wind: aloft […]

South Seas Voyage 2013-2014

Clearing In At New Zealand

By Cheri Davidson After all of our Seamanship Derby fun on Saturday, Picton Castle motor-sailed around the northern tip of New Zealand and into the Bay of Islands on Sunday. There were lots of lovely green hills and lush mountains and rock coming right up out of the ocean. It all looks a lot like […]

Summer Voyage 2012

Introducing Ship’s Kitten George

By Kate “Bob” Addison Tabby cat George is just eight weeks old, a tiny bundle of fur with wide eyes, big ears and a whippet thin tail. His belly is striped and he has four white paws and a tiny little white nose so he looks like he’s been caught with his nose in the […]


Chibley of the Picton Castle – A Seagoing Cat From Lunenburg

Last night on a dark and stormy evening in Lunenburg, Chibley the Cat was hit by a car on Montague Street and died. She was walking from my house to the ship as was her wont. She had just had a fine dinner and a tussle, as well as a warning that it was a […]