Denmark Westward Bound

Two Big Square Riggers Meet Up In The West Indies

April 28, 2015 A little background: towards the end of the 19th century many steam ship companies refitted or built cargo carrying sail-training ships in order to train staff mariners for their steamship companies. Companies saw this as a cost effective way to train crew for their steam-ships with the value becoming clear right away […]

Day's Run Westward Bound

Day’s Run – March 22, 2015

Sunday at sea and thoughts are turning to the Caribbean in our near future – maybe in just a week! The Captain gave us an introductory West Indies talk this afternoon to whet our appetites for small boat sailing and wonderful islands, with more in-depth orientation to follow over the next few days. SHIPS WORK: […]

South Seas Voyage 2013-2014

Seamanship Derby in the Tasman Sea

By Cheri Davidson October 22, 2013 Last Saturday we had the 8th Biennial Picton Castle Seamanship Derby to test the skills of our trainees and have bunches of fun. It’s best to do this kind of event on good weather days, and boy did we have it. Sunny skies, light winds and a temperature warm […]