Back-To-Back Transatlantics Voyage 2016 Day's Run La Grande Traversee

Day’s Run – 11 July, 2016

Another day working through the Atlantic, to the North this time. Breeze filled in westerly in the morning and has been a steady Force 5 for most of the day.  All of the safety gear got a quick overhaul: as we know we will need it again, we must keep it in top notch condition.  With […]

Day's Run Summer 2015

Day’s Run – July 3, 2015

REMARKS: We have officially arrived at our next Tall Ship Festival in Greenport New York where we will be for the Fourth of July celebrations. Wandering through town you can actually see it filling up with people curious to explore the ships that are docked nearby. There is an energy here, an all encompassing American […]

South Seas Voyage 2013-2014

Morning Haul

By Chelsea McBroom February 18th, 2014 I had been dreaming I was seeing my friends back at home again when I was woken at 3:30am this morning onboard the Picton Castle on its way to Nuku Hiva. I’m living in the foc’sle now (no longer in the once called “Chel-salon” because at one point I […]