Bosun School Lunenburg

Bosun School Launches and Rows A Dory

One of the main things we focus on at Bosun School is small boat handling. Students will practice handling boats of all kinds by rowing them, sailing them and driving them with motors. It’s one of the essential skills of a good mariner, being able to handle small boats. The best way to become proficient […]

Day's Run Transatlantic Voyage 2015

Day’s Run – 20 February, 2106

Today saw the three watches battle for seamanship bragging rights in the long-awaited and much anticipated ‘Quest for the Broken Spoke’. Good job all round, but special mention to the 8-12 for their outstanding Star Wars costumes; 4-8 for entertaining (scaring) the judges with a Tongan Haka; and 12-4, the eventual winners, for demonstrating their […]

World Voyage 5

Landfall on Reunion

By Chief Mate Michael Moreland After a near perfect Indian Ocean crossing, with steady, fresh trades on our port quarter nearly the whole time, we made landfall on Ile de Reunion as the sun was setting on another beautiful day of sailing. We sailed through the night around the northern side of the island with […]