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Life Aboard at Tedside-Pitcairn Island Log #5

When Picton Castle arrived at Pitcairn Island, we anchored just off Tedside. On previous visits, the ship has either anchored (the Captain says he is going to write a ‘cruising guide’ to the island having anchored all around it over the years – good holding, no shelter, huge seas) or hove-to offshore, drifting around and […]

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Legs 3 & 4

“It feels like I belong here, like this is home” one of our gang aboard said the other day. Over the past three months, the crew have come to know the ship and each other well, increasingly becoming more than friends or coworkers as we all depend on each other and on the ship to […]

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Taking the 8-12 Watch

By Chief Mate Michael Moreland After a late wakeup call, a quick glance out to weather from my porthole reveals our near perfect sailing breeze is still with us. She trots along the long Pacific swells with the clean, fresh wind on her port quarter. All sails set and drawing nicely, a pull on a […]

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Sailmaking and Splicing

Thursday June 3, 2010 Today is our first full day back at sea after leaving Bonaire yesterday, and our first full day under sail since before Anguilla. True to the forecasts, the wind continues to blow consistently from the east between Force 5 and 6, and we’re sailing along between 5.5 and 8.5 knots. We’re […]


Scraping and Sanding

It’s definitely winter in Lunenburg. We’ve had several big snowfalls this month, along with some cold temperatures and strong winds. Picton Castle continues to be tied snugly to the wharf at Adams and Knickle. Despite the weather, there are some signs that time is moving along and that it won’t be winter here forever. The […]