Day's Run

Sail Training International Conference

The past week has been a whirlwind of connecting, meeting, learning and networking at the Sail Training International conference in Antwerp, Belgium.  Picton Castle was represented by Captain Daniel Moreland, Tammy Moreland, Bronwen Livingston and myself (Maggie Ostler).  Based in England, Sail Training International (STI) is the worldwide body that promotes sail training, supports ships, […]

RDV2017 Rendezvous 2017

Quebec City – The Pinnacle of the Rendez-vous

Quebec City has rolled out the red carpet, so to speak, for all of the tall ships gathered here now including Picton Castle. This is the largest gathering of tall ships in Canada this year, all here to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation. The last time Quebec City hosted a major tall ships event […]

Prince Edward Island RDV2017 Rendezvous 2017 Summer 2017

Captain’s Log – Boston to Summerside

At about 1300 on the 22nd of June PICTON CASTLE stood out past the Boston Light, set to the t’gallants. After five busy days in the port of Boston we are sailing out to join the Tall Ships fleet for the start of Sail Training International’s race number 4 of the Rendezvous 2017 Tall Ships […]

Day's Run RDV2017 Rendezvous 2017 Summer 2017

Day’s Run – 16 June, 2017

By Purser Allison While anchored at Nahant just outside of Boston, the crew enjoyed a bright sunshiny morning and spiffed up the ship. She is glistening with new paint and varnish and looks beautiful and ready to receive visitors. As the Boston Tall Ship Festival will be a well attended and significant event, the crew […]

Atlantic Ocean Miscellaneous RDV2017 Rendezvous 2017 Summer 2017

Captain’s Log – Fish On!!

  Fish On!!! The best words shouted while at sea! On our sail to Bermuda or on any other passage, we like to drag a few lines in hopes of catching the elusive Mahi Mahi or any great fish we can lure aboard. Personally, my favourite rig is a 10-12′ bungee cord with 150lb test […]

Day's Run Fiji the Cat RDV2017 Rendezvous 2017

Day’s Run – 12 June, 2017

By Purser Allison We are approaching the Boston Harbour Shipping Lanes and have seen quite a bit of activity not just with vessels but with marine life. We were fortunate to see whales today that were quite curious about our comparatively small ship that they came to visit. Captain Sikkema held workshops on ratline splices, […]

Rendezvous 2017

Departing Charleston

By Allison Steele Tuesday May 23, 2017 After a 10 day passage the crew were excited to stop at our first port of call this summer and join an international fleet of tall ships in Charleston South Carolina, USA.  The Picton Castle saw over 3,000 visitors during the three-day event and reveled in the attention.  It was a very […]

Voyage of the Atlantic World 2008

Conference Time in Sweden

Captain Moreland and I just got home to Lunenburg from the Sail Training International conference in Halmstad, Sweden. This is an annual conference, held in various places around the world, for tall ship operators, owners, crew, host ports, and anyone else interested in sail training.  We try to participate, representing Picton Castle, as often as […]

Bosun School Lunenburg

Captain’s Log – Bosun School Begins

Bosun School is officially in session! Monday September 19 was the first day of classes for this session of the Bosun School.  We have a small class this time, which makes for lots of individual attention for each student.  Bosun School is designed for young mariners who want to learn skills and be more useful […]

Back-To-Back Transatlantics Voyage 2016 La Grande Traversee

Captain’s Log – 30 August, 2016

At 2230 this evening Picton Castle dropped anchor in Rose Bay, in the same spot we lay four months and a little under 10,000 nautical miles ago. Quite a contrast to the blustery cold morning when we set out into the North Atlantic in May, the ship now lays calm and still, the only noise […]