Day's Run Westward Bound

Day’s Run – December 27

BOUND FROM: Reunion Island, France, Indian Ocean TOWARDS: Cape Town, South Africa, Atlantic Ocean TIME ZONE: GMT +3 NOON POSITION: 30°56.1’S /031°36.5’E DAYS RUN: 140nm PASSAGE DISTANCE RUN: 1,457nm DISTANCE REMAINING: 789nm WIND: Wind Force 5, NExE WEATHER: fair, overcast, visibility very good, barometer 1017 millibars and falling slowly SWELL HEIGHT & DIRECTION: Easterly, 3m […]

Westward Bound

Underway from Rodrigues

By Kate “Bob” Addison Tuesday December 2nd, 2014 This time yesterday Picton Castle was getting underway from Rodrigues. The harbour tug Solitaire was off our port bow churning the turquoise harbour water to white as she took up the strain on our headline, and slowly we came round into the wind, pivoting off the dock […]

South Pacific Voyage 2012-2013


By Kate “Bob” Addison Picton Castle crew are very much enjoying island life here in Carriacou, our first port of call since Canada. This island is seriously sweet – picture perfect beaches, lush green mountains, delightful people, food, musics, ice cream… I am sitting writing this at a rum shop (a “rum shop” being an […]