Back-To-Back Transatlantics Voyage 2016

Day’s Run – 11 May, 2016

Light winds continued through the night and into today and we continue to steam along. This morning dawned clear and bright, still a welcome relief from the fog. Finally our chance to dry things out a bit, all the sails were loosed and many articles of clothing and towels hung out to shed some moisture […]

Day's Run Transatlantic Voyage 2015

Day’s Run – 12 February, 2016

Another great day’s run with average speeds continuing around 6 knots. Not bad considering we’re moving 600 tons of ship through the water and all powered just the wind in our sails. We had a power-shower today: the fire hose rigged up in the port fore shrouds accompanied by much squealing and laughter – the […]

Transatlantic Voyage 2015

Crossing the Atlantic

Written by Third Mate Anne-Laure Barberis It has now been three days since we left the last lights of the Cape Verde islands behind us, with no regrets. After two weeks in Sao Vicente it was time to discover new horizons! For the next two weeks at least, our horizon will be limited by the […]