Bosun School

Rigging Lessons for Bosun School

We’ve been fortunate to have great weather this fall, which is all the better for rigging lessons! As with most other topics at Bosun School, we’ve been learning, then practicing, then applying the skills. Having learned and been practicing seizings, splices and servings, it’s now time to cement the knowledge by using it to make […]

Day's Run RDV2017 Rendezvous 2017 Summer 2017

Day’s Run – 2 August, 2017

  By Purser Allison Steele With ship’s work continuing on, many of the crew are enjoying their new roles and adjusting to new challenges. The New Lead Seaman are leading their watches through line drills and practising stowing aloft. There are different methods to stowing sails and they need to be done quickly and efficiently […]

Back-To-Back Transatlantics Voyage 2016 Day's Run

Day’s Run – 9 June, 2016

The wind has been light, but we have been quite lucky with the weather in the Bay of Biscay. Known for its westerly gales and currents that have for hundreds of years been the bane of many a sailing ship, we have experienced nothing but light airs. As such we continue to steam and get […]

Day's Run Transatlantic Voyage 2015

Day’s Run – 23 March, 2016

Saw whales blow off the starboard bows this afternoon – we didn’t get close enough to identify them, but it seemed like there were more than one.  We sailed between the islands of St Kitts and St Eustatius mid-afternoon, they looked very pretty all green in the sunshine. Donald is happy we’re close enough to […]