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Sailin’ Along

Midday – May 20, 2010 – – 25-39n / 058-37w – – winds ESE – about 15 knots Looks like we are in the famous easterly trade-winds. These winds that blow from the west coast of Africa from Senegal across the Atlantic finding their way to the wind swept and sun kissed isles of the […]

Atlantic Ocean Chibley Lunenburg Meet the Crew Miscellaneous Story of the Picton Castle Uncategorized World Voyage 5

Making Southing

Until this point, the ship’s log has been kept by the watch officers while the ship is underway. Starting today, trainees are filling in a rough log after their turn on helm. They’re learning that we record our position every hour, on the hour, and that we also make hourly notes on true wind direction […]

Atlantic Ocean Chibley Lunenburg World Voyage 5

High Pressure Near Bermuda

Captain’s Log – High Pressure near Bermuda Tuesday May 18, 2010 Maggie Ostler Around 2000 last night the nice NW sailing wind we were experiencing gave up altogether; so we took in and furled all sail and fired up the main engine to push on southward. We’re sitting under a high pressure system with little […]

Atlantic Ocean Lunenburg World Voyage 5

3 low passed ahead

By Captain Daniel D. Moreland May 13, 2010 0510 at 41-36N / 065-13W Our nasty low passed ahead of us and about 0130 the watch started to get sail back on the Picton Castle – as I tap these keys we have a clear sky filled with stars fading into a sunrise, smooth seas and […]

Atlantic Ocean Chibley Lunenburg Uncategorized World Voyage 5

Sailing From The ‘Burg

Captain’s Log – Sailing from the ‘Burg 1640 May 11, 2010 – 20 miles due south of Lunenburg, bound for Panama By Captain Daniel Moreland We have taken all sail in and fired up the main engine. That big old Danish diesel is pushing us along at 6.5 knots just now. We are steering SW […]

Lunenburg World Voyage 5

World Voyage 5 Begins

World Voyage 5 is finally beginning! New trainee crew members have been arriving in Lunenburg over the past four days, full of excitement and loaded down with luggage. We are absolutely thrilled to welcome them aboard Picton Castle and are looking forward to having all of our new crew become part of our ship family. […]

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First Days of Spring

The sun has been shining on Lunenburg for the past two weeks, making ship’s work easier and turning our minds from winter to spring. Several big projects that have been ongoing throughout the winter are nearing completion, and we’re starting to get Picton Castle rigged up again. The final coats of paint and varnish have […]

World Voyage 5

Voyage Planning

Armed with small-scale charts, a calendar, dividers, a calculator, itineraries of previous voyages, old log books and, perhaps most importantly, a big pot of coffee, we recently sat down to do some serious voyage planning. The itinerary has been set for almost a year now, but we wanted to work on confirming specific dates for […]

Lunenburg Miscellaneous

Dreaming of a White Christmas

With a pile of snow falling earlier this week, Picton Castle may actually experience a white Christmas this year, snugly tied to the dock in Lunenburg. The ship has spent many Christmases at sea in the tropics where the only white is the canvas of the sails overhead. At this time next year, Picton Castle […]

Lunenburg Miscellaneous

Lunenburg Santa Claus Parade

Saturday November 28 was the middle day of Picton Castle‘s three-day Cargo Sale, it was also the first annual Santa Claus Parade in Lunenburg. The theme for the whole parade was “Santa in a Fishing Dory,” a fitting theme for a town with such a strong seafaring heritage. In recent years, Santa has made his […]