Denmark Westward Bound

Two Big Square Riggers Meet Up In The West Indies

April 28, 2015 A little background: towards the end of the 19th century many steam ship companies refitted or built cargo carrying sail-training ships in order to train staff mariners for their steamship companies. Companies saw this as a cost effective way to train crew for their steam-ships with the value becoming clear right away […]

Day's Run Westward Bound

Day’s Run – February 11, 2015

A bit more ocean swell today, so your abs get a workout just sitting down or walking about the ship. The morning came in cloudy, but cleared by noon into yet another gorgeous bluewater day. We’re more than half way to St Helena now, and only a couple of days away from the Greenwich meridian […]

South Pacific Voyage 2012-2013

Just Another Tuesday

By Kate “Bob” Addison We have a well-used expression on the ship that something is very “Tuesday”. Tuesday being the vanilla of weekdays. Not traumatic like a Monday or fabulous like a Friday, just run-of-the-mill, routine and rather dull. Well, today is a Tuesday and on board Picton Castle our daily ship routine rolls along, […]

Summer Voyage 2012

Rappahannock River

By Kate “Bob” Addison It’s hard to type right now because I have a contented fat kitten purring on my lap, pinning me down. Every now and then he puts a head or a paw on my hand or on the keyboard, to help write the story, or maybe to correct my spelling. Amazing how […]