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Legs 3 & 4

“It feels like I belong here, like this is home” one of our gang aboard said the other day. Over the past three months, the crew have come to know the ship and each other well, increasingly becoming more than friends or coworkers as we all depend on each other and on the ship to […]

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Bumpy Ride

Brad was washing his clothes in buckets of salt water on the well deck on Sunday afternoon. He had been putting off this task for a while, thinking that it has been sunny and beautiful for so long that doing his laundry would surely bring rain. His clean clothes supply couldn’t hold out any longer, […]

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Halfway to Pitcairn

On a long ocean passage in the tradewinds in the Picton Castle, or any other deep sea sailing ship, life falls easily into a gentle routine. It feels like we left Galapagos ages ago, but then I think back to something that happened last week and it seems like yesterday. Being at sea causes a […]

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Captain’s Log – Blustery Saturday May 22, 2010 The Captain held a muster on the quarterdeck before supper yesterday to talk about our North Atlantic passage, south to the West Indies and Caribbean Sea from Nova Scotia. Using a white board, he illustrated our track so far, all has gone according to the passage plan […]

Atlantic Ocean Chibley Lunenburg Meet the Crew Miscellaneous World Voyage 5

Gale Finis

Gale Finis 0700 34-58N / 061-04W – winds NWLY at force 4-5, seas 4-6’, Chibley hungry Captain Daniel D. Moreland Morning came in with clouds breaking up and the day making up fair and handsome. Last night the gale force winds veered into a more NWly slant and laid down nicely along with the largish […]

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In a gale

In a Gale Captain Daniel D. Moreland So, we are in a gale. First gale for this Picton Castle crew. We are by and large running with it which serves our course just fine anyway – but it is a gale. Not a very big gale, just over the edge of 35 knots to qualify […]