World Voyage 5

Fish On!

By Shawn Anderson The other day the Captain remarked ¨Beautiful day, calm sea, trade winds, sailing under full sail, including stuns’ls; this doesn’t get better.¨ Now usually I am inclined to agree with the Captain, but there is one more thing to add to this scenario: catching fish. Today we landed one of the largest […]

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Life Aboard at Tedside-Pitcairn Island Log #5

When Picton Castle arrived at Pitcairn Island, we anchored just off Tedside. On previous visits, the ship has either anchored (the Captain says he is going to write a ‘cruising guide’ to the island having anchored all around it over the years – good holding, no shelter, huge seas) or hove-to offshore, drifting around and […]

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Gale Finis

Gale Finis 0700 34-58N / 061-04W – winds NWLY at force 4-5, seas 4-6’, Chibley hungry Captain Daniel D. Moreland Morning came in with clouds breaking up and the day making up fair and handsome. Last night the gale force winds veered into a more NWly slant and laid down nicely along with the largish […]