Day's Run Gulf of Mexico

Day’s Run – March 27, 2018

By Cara Lauzon Another beautiful night of clear sailing last night. The wind picked up in the early morning and now we are crossing the Gulf Stream which is causing a fair amount of roll, but we still have fair wind so the sailing is good. Yet another sunny day the color of the water […]

Atlantic Ocean Day's Run RDV2017 Rendezvous 2017

Day’s Run – 13 June, 2017

By: Purser Allison A beautiful day turning much warmer in the afternoon, the crew was joined by many curious marine animals. We saw no small amount of sharks, bottlenose dolphins. The crew also had full man overboard drill complete with a launching the rescue boat to retrieve our MOB practice buoy Lenny. Preparing and launching […]

Atlantic Ocean Chibley Lunenburg World Voyage 5

Blue Skies, Blue Seas

Captain’s Log – Blue Skies, Blue Seas Thursday May 13, 2010 By Maggie Ostler Things just feel right this morning. As I sit here in the ship’s office in the charthouse I can see a sliver of sunlight through the office window, the white capped ocean is a rich deep blue-green, the GPS in the […]