Miscellaneous Pacific Ocean World Voyage 5

Pitcairn’s Island

By Captain Daniel Moreland and Maggie Ostler The Picton Castle is only about 9 miles from Pitcairn Island -we can see the moon setting over the west end of Pitcairn, we are still under full sail including studding sails and the sun rising in the east makes the clouds and our sails look like gold. […]

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Power Shower!

Friday June 4, 2010 A power shower, followed by part two of the splicing workshop, was the highlight of the afternoon for most of the crew. It’s really hot, hotter than usual at 33 degrees Celsius all day in the shade, and we’re all a bit on the sweaty side, so a power shower late […]

Atlantic Voyage 2008-2009 Miscellaneous

Cesar Picton

We recently came across an article online that ties together Picton Castle‘s recent year-long voyage around the Atlantic Ocean. You may know that our ship was named for a castle in Wales. Picton Castle was built in the late 13th century and has been home to the Philipps family, who are direct descendants of the […]