Day's Run

Day’s Run – 3 July, 2018

The wind has faired as expected. Now it is no longer abeam but well aft. Ocean ocean everywhere. This morning began with gusty winds and larger seas than what we’ve had on this passage. Picton Castle sailed beautifully through the slightly heavier conditions. Light rain on the quarterdeck as the moon was fading off into […]

Back-To-Back Transatlantics Voyage 2016

Day’s Run – 18 May, 2016

What a day! Beautiful warm and sunny, and a fresh westerly breeze to boot. In the morning we made full sail, the wind being just right to have every stitch full and drawing, the ship bounded along all afternoon making upwards of 8 knots at times. The sailmakers finished the roping of the new Main T ‘gallant Staysail and ran […]