Day's Run

Day’s Runs – 12 & 13 August, 2018

Sunday at sea.  Seeing as we’d like to arrive at Rarotonga in the Cook Islands this coming weekend, yesterday we pushed forward in no wind by motoring from morning until 1500. Then after the Captain held a discussion on the quarterdeck pertaining to what Rarotonga has to offer us keen explorers; snorkeling, hiking, small boat […]

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Day’s Run – 9 June, 2017

  By: Purser Allison Hove to at 0820 for weather and rode out the force 8 winds and 6-metre waves. At 1300 the weather broke and we started to see sunshine and resumed our course, bending on the mizzen topmast stays’l and downrigged the heavy weather gear. We celebrated Matt’s birthday and enjoyed cake and […]

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Denise’s Birthday

By apprentice Denise Knudsen So it became the 19th of January, my 20th birthday. It started with my night watch 10 minutes before midnight (I’m on the 12-4). It was a typically windy and cold night. We (the watch) took over the deck and at midnight sharp, two of my shipmates Beamy and Mark started […]