Bosun School

Summer 2021 Bosun School Begins!

Today is the official first day of Bosun School here in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Students have arrived over the past few days and we got started with our first full day of instruction today.  We’re glad to welcome students to this summer’s session!

Bosun School is a land-based skills enhancement program for people who already know they like ships and boats, and who want to learn more of the hands-on skills required to repair and maintain them.  There’s also a major small boat component and students will spend a lot of time getting familiar with Lunenburg harbour while motoring, rowing and sailing its waters.

Today, on the first day of classes, we started with the usual housekeeping and chores after breakfast, then got down to business with introductions and orientation.  Students are getting to know one another and our facilities.  We’re planning to get into basic knots this afternoon, then dive into learning about the paint locker and all its contents tomorrow.

We’re thrilled to have an enthusiastic group of students here with us in Lunenburg and look forward to the next three months working with them to advance their skills and knowledge!