Day's Run

Running our westing down

August 9, 2018

Picton Castle is at 21-54 S and 141-40 where at 0930 on this strong Tradewind morning of August 9, 2018. Winds piped up pretty much on schedule and have been backing slowly.Windd and seas have been making up and we were making almost 9 knots before we took in t’gallants to get her settled down a bit. The gang took in these sails and the mainsail with some loud flogging of canvas, quickly stowed as the good seamen they are. Now the steering has become better and we are still making good speed. Bright sunny day. Blue seas with plenty¬†of white caps. Sailmakers sewing away on the quarterdeck. Carpenters fixing up some deck planks – doing a nice job too. Riggers overhauled the mizzen bottle screws and set up the shrouds, all snug now.

We are about 30 miles SW of an atoll by the name of Tematagi in the Tuamotus and about 1,040 miles due east of Rarotonga.