Bosun Scool

Rigging Lessons for Bosun School

We’ve been fortunate to have great weather this fall, which is all the better for rigging lessons!

As with most other topics at Bosun School, we’ve been learning, then practicing, then applying the skills. Having learned and been practicing seizings, splices and servings, it’s now time to cement the knowledge by using it to make something practical. This not only gives students a sense of responsibility because what they’re making has to be done correctly for it to be used and relied upon, it also gives them a sense of accomplishment by seeing how the skills they’re working on have real-life applications.

On days when the weather is too wet or cold to work outdoors, students are in the workshop on making new davit guys and some new lifts for Picton Castle. On days when working outside is possible and pleasant, they are in the rigging of Picton Castle, learning how to replace ratlines. We also did a session on how to properly use a bosun’s chair last week that included some hands-on practice.