Bosun School Lunenburg

Overhauling Moorings at the Dory Shop With Ironbound Rigging

Last week, Bosun School students were given an excellent opportunity to learn about fixed moorings by helping overhaul moorings at the Dory Shop to make them safe and secure. Moorings are like permanent anchors for vessels. They serve the same purpose but are quite different than anchors. Captain Michael Moreland of Ironbound Rigging was engaged to do the job, and he invited the Bosun School students along to help and learn what he was doing.

Michael Moreland is also a former chief mate and Captain of the Picton Castle and has since set up his full-service rigging company Ironbound Rigging locally here on the South Shore. His shop is also based at the Picton Castle warehouse, 174 Bluenose Drive, right above The Chandlery.

A pontoon platform with a motor had been constructed to service the moorings. This is the ideal rig for such work. Three Bosun School students were able to join Michael as he set to work. All three moorings that had been part of the Dory Shop for decades were sorted out. Two replacement moorings were set up in front of the Dory Shop (perfect for more small boats during Bosun School!) and the third outermost mooring in front of the Dory Shop was renewed to be able to hold larger craft, like Calanova.

Now that the moorings are ready to be used for the summer, get ready to see more of the Picton Castle’s fleet and Dory Shop boats out on the Lunenburg harbour very soon!