South Seas Voyage 2013-2014

Lily’s Limericks

You’ve heard some of the names of the crew of the Picton Castle in these Captain’s Logs, here’s a fun way to get to know some of them better. Trainee Lily has a good sense of humour and has written limericks about many of her shipmates. These were shared aboard and got quite a laugh, we hope you enjoy them as well.

By Lily Donovan, trainee from Australia

The red head on board is called Beamy,
Peanut butter will make her feel squeemy,
But she knows all her lines,
And she climbs really high,
She always says that her head is quite teeny.

There is a young man named Nolan,
He can teach you to tie a quick bowline,
He puts food in his belly,
Wants a beard like Ned Kelly,
And at shore likes to share a cold-one.

The baby on board is called Dawson.
He is quite practically awesome.
He drools everywhere,
But he just doesn’t care,
Cause one day he’ll be Captain or Bosun.

The princess called Vai is from Tonga,
We’re glad that she’ll stay so much longer,
She takes care of the baby,
And runs her lines daily,
This combo will make her much stronger.

There was a young fella named Finn,
He seemed sometimes terribly thin,
But in his wool sweater,
He looked so much better,
‘Hobo Chic’ is definitely in.

There was a young girl called Pania,
She kept sailing to follow the summer,
She teaches us well,
And says ‘sick’, ‘bro’ and ‘swell’,
She is a very cool chic to work under.

There was a girl named Amy Adair,
She wove sandals and is sweet as a pear,
She likes to hike and take trips,
And will never eat mince
Her sail making is done with care.

Meg is our Aussie AB,
For years she has lived by the sea,
She’s an adventurous type,
Who can climb, lift and dive,
On the t’gallant she feels the most free.

There once was a sailor called Mark,
He joined the Picton but then did depart,
But he came back three times,
With knowledge of lines,
To share in the fun and skylark.

Alex is the ships engineer,
I’m sure that he likes to drink beer,
But all day he works steady,
In the ships under belly,
To make sure that the Castle will steer.

There once was a girl named Lily,
Her head filled with limericks that were silly,
Her knee was second rate,
And she liked her whiskey straight,
Learning lines sometimes sent her willy nilly.

The new guy on board is called Steve,
He seems constantly pleased,
With the funny things we say,
And the Pictionary we play,
His wise words will come as we need.

Donald is our hard working cook,
Monday to Saturday he’s kept on the hook,
To fill the holes in our bellies,
With food from the deli,
Then on Sunday he just reads his book.

The ship belongs to Captain Dan,
His whole life he’s been a sailing man,
Now he shares all he knows,
With us green fingered and toes,
So we can experience tall ships first hand.