Indian Ocean Reunion Island World Voyage 4

Leaving Reunion Island

The time finally came yesterday for the Picton Castle to leave Reunion Island. The cyclone that had pestered us had blown itself out and gone safely over land, and the day was bright and gorgeous, a good day to leave. We fueled in the morning and finished our last-minute chores and it was time to go. As we prepared to leave, a fresh breeze picked up as it did most days on Reunion just after lunch, but today it was especially fresh. A tug was called to pull us off the fuel dock, which is very exciting as tugs are, of course, and then off we went.

I can not tell you how good it feels to be back at sea. A quiet routine, the watches resumed, and daymen getting on with their projects—how sweet it is. After our delay we have found ourselves out of time for stopping in Madagascar, so we will push on towards Cape Town. The passage to Cape Town should take us 17-20 days if the weather is good to us! If not, of course, it could take much longer. We have about 2,500 miles to sail around the Cape of Good Hope and into Table Bay. But right now we have a fair wind on the port quarter, all sail is set, and the helmsman is having an easy time of it.

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