Happy to be joining the Picton Castle team!

I recently joined the shore crew of the Picton Castle, and
after just a few weeks of work in the office I am so happy to have become a
part of this welcoming team.

My name is Danielle, and as a born-and-raised Nova Scotian I have come to need the ocean like oxygen. I have spent my summers living on the water in a hand-built houseboat, weekends on sailboats with friends, and camping on local islands. Now finding myself working for the Picton Castle, I feel that I am merging my pastimes with my work, and it’s exciting to come into the office each day preparing the upcoming Voyage to the South Pacific. 

Having spent the last decade working in the museum industry, I have become very passionate about keeping history and heritage alive and I have found that the best way to learn about both is through immersive experiences. The Picton Castle, in all her beauty, to me is a just like a living, working museum – giving trainees, crew and visitors the opportunity to experience life on a 1928 Barque and her rich history. Just like a museum offers visitors the chance to imagine themselves in a certain industry or moment in time, in many ways the Picton Castle offers the same opportunity to those who come aboard.

After only admiring her from the dock for many years I had
my first tour of the Picton Castle a couple of weeks ago. As Maggie showed me
through the ship and taught me about the inner working its easy to imagine how
exciting life on the Picton Castle is while on a voyage. Even though we were tied
up to the dock, I could feel the sway of the ocean and drawing from the smells
and sounds of the ship it was fun to picture for a moment that she was out at

This upcoming Voyage to the South Pacific seems like such an
incredible adventure, and I am so excited for trainees and crew who will be
sailing on the journey this year. I can’t wait to watch the voyage and follow
it along from Nova Scotia.

I am so happy to be here working with this great team and I
look forward to meeting more of the crew and friends of the Picton Castle along
the way!