Meet the Crew Miscellaneous Pacific Ocean World Voyage 5

Fresh Trade Winds

After only 12 hours motoring out of Galapagos the Picton Castle picked up fresh trade-winds. The usual destination for westward bound vessels from Galapagos is the Marquesas, just south of due west but not for us. We are steering SW for Pitcairn Island over 2,700 miles away deep in the South Pacific Ocean. Having these classic SE trade-winds kick in quickly is pretty nice for any windship and certainly for us. So, here at 03 South Latitude we are making a fine 7 to 8 knots in 10 foot seas under t’gallants. This morning the
breeze piped up to about 25 knots on the beam so we took in royals, flying jib and later the spanker. If the wind was further aft of the beam we might have kept the royals set. Our winds are cool and comfortable and so are we. Celestial navigation classes have started by the mates on the quarter-deck and rigging, sailmaking, carpenter and engineer daymen have been broken off too.