Back-to-Back Transatlantics Voyage World Voyage 2021/2022

Financial Aid Available for the World Voyage

Thanks to the Nova Scotia Seamanship Education Society, a registered charity in Canada, and a generous anonymous donor, financial aid will be available for trainees on Picton Castle’s upcoming World Voyage.

We recognize that the World Voyage trainee fee is a big amount and out of reach for many who would benefit from the voyage the most.  We are thrilled to collaborate with the Nova Scotia Seamanship Education Society, a registered charity that provides financial support for young people pursuing careers in the marine industry.  We have worked together since 2014 to assist 44 young people become trainees on previous Picton Castle voyages and students at Picton Castle’s Bosun School.

Their primary donor believes strongly in Picton Castle’s mission and understands the value of an extended voyage aboard.  It is the donor and the NSSES’s desire to see the financial aid go to young people who are on a path to working at sea or in associated shore-side industries.  While Picton Castle’s voyages are open to anyone, whether you’re seeking adventure, amazing travel and personal challenge or training for career preparation or advancement, there are a number of individuals who have sailed in Picton Castle who now work professionally in the marine industry, inspired and equipped by their time sailing in our barque.

Applicants for this financial aid must be young, ages 18-35, vocationally focused, and able to demonstrate financial need.  Priority will be given to those from Nova Scotia, then Atlantic Canada, then Canada, then international.

The deadline for applications is December 1, 2020.  Applicants must first be accepted to Picton Castle’s World Voyage.  Click here (link for more details of the voyage and how to apply.

For more information on financial aid, to request an application form or to make a donation, please visit or email

*Note that trainee crew applications for Picton Castle’s World Voyage are now being accepted.  The voyage is open to everyone ages 18+ of all nationalities.