Day's Run

Day’s Runs – 12 & 13 August, 2018

Sunday at sea.  Seeing as we’d like to arrive at Rarotonga in the Cook Islands this coming weekend, yesterday we pushed forward in no wind by motoring from morning until 1500. Then after the Captain held a discussion on the quarterdeck pertaining to what Rarotonga has to offer us keen explorers; snorkeling, hiking, small boat sailing with locals, theatre and attending church to experience the breathtaking choir. And the Cook Islands Voyaging Society with their big ocean-going vaka, a double-hulled canoe. The Captain then touched on Leg 2 of our voyage and without going into great detail laid out what lies ahead; homestays in Palmerston, the culture of Vanuatu, meeting Vai’s family in Tonga and going into dry dock in Fiji. It’s mind-boggling to most of us that we are so far from our home countries and that we’re closing in on the end of Leg 1.

Immediately following our muster we broke out our ship’s speaker, blew up balloons, finished decorating the cakes and set up for face painting, as it was Dawson’s 6th birthday party! Our ever so talented carpenter Anders, of Denmark, was able to demonstrate his skills as a face painter, creating clowns, a pirate, cats, a pig, and Dawson chose to be godzilla for his birthday! A 4′ x 6′ piece of plywood was painted by Abbey, of North Carolina, and on the blank wood she painted a blue barque leaving out the spanker sail. A spanker was made of cardboard and painted yellow, this allowed us to play “Pin the Spanker on the Ship!” Dawson excitedly played and encouraged others to join in on the fun. A pinata in the shape of a 6 was hung over the center of the hatch and Dawson displayed excellent seamanship by slicing it open with his wooden sword. Fun was had by all!

From: Mangareva
Towards: Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Date: August 12th, 2018
Noon Position: 20°45.3′ S x 144°35.3′ W
Course + Speed: WxN + 4.2 knots
Wind direction + Force: WSW + 2 Swell
Height + Direction: 3m + SW
Weather: Sunny
Day’s Run: 95.8nm
Passage Log: 101.1nm
Distance to Port: 852nm
Voyage: 7337.4nm
Sails Set: Motoring