Day's Run World Voyage 7

Day’s Run – May 19, 2018

Picton Castle is making her way into the Gulf of Panama and we are feeling the hot muggy tropical heat for which this area is well known. It will be cooler once we get well into the South Pacific, meantime, at least we’re not shoveling snow…..

Ship’s Work: This morning’s wind was light and variable, the 4 – 8 watch scrubbed the decks as the oncoming watch stretched out of their bunks. A number of light squalls passed over us. Rain periodically came and went throughout the morning, causing John, the ship’s sailmaker, to work on the royal sail in the main salon. The port side breezeway head received another coating of primer and maintenance on the teak door continued. All ship’s work was put to a halt when a squall came in. Orders to take in the fore t’gallant and main t’gallant were given, as well as the upper staysails. The winds settled and as the rain came and went the on duty watch walked around the deck putting slack into the manila running rigging. This is an important task aboard Picton Castle as we have all natural manila lines that tighten up when they become wet. The weather has settled for now and hopefully will remain calm as this afternoon’s agenda includes a ‘power shower’ at 1500, where we rig up a fire hose to spray down onto the deck (a great way to cool the crew and the decks on a hot day) followed by a rope splicing workshop led by the Captain.

From: New Orleans
Towards: Panama
Date: May 19 2018
Noon Position: 12 37,9’N – 080 57,1’W
Course + Speed: S 1/2 E + 4.2 kts
Wind direction + Force: ExS + 3
Swell Height + Direction: 1.5m + E
Weather: Overcast
Day’s Run: 99.6 nm
Passage Log: 101.7 nm
Distance to Port: 203 nm
Voyage: 1709.5nm

Lead seaman, Vai, from Tonga, makes a little tiny wire splice