Day's Run Westward Bound

Day’s Run – May 12, 2015

Another gorgeous day’s sailing. It’s been a great passage so far and we’ve built up some good time to allow for the calms we’re expecting overnight tonight as we meet a windless ridge of high pressure stretching out across the Atlantic. It was a busy early afternoon on the quarterdeck today with Ashley at the helm; John, Alex, Sam and Katelinn working on sails; Joe doing carpentry work; Amy and Bob taking sun sights, and Vai fixing up our enormous Cook Island flag with Tammy’s hand-crank sewing machine.
SHIP’S WORK: Sailmakers work on the new gaff topsail, and make repairs to the main topmast staysail and a t’gallant. Riggers are busy on the well deck overhauling royal braces, and making new brace pennants out of typhoon wire: they are spliced, parcelled, served, tarred and greased before being sent aloft.
BOUND FROM: Oranjestad, Aruba, Caribbean Sea
TOWARDS: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
NOON POSITION: 26°52.3’N /071°40.8’W
DAYS RUN: 129nm
COURSE AND SPEED: Steering full and by the wind, Course made good 023° true, 5.5 knots
WIND: Wind Force 5, East by South
WEATHER: Fair, 4/8 cloud cover, barometer 1024 millibars and steady, visibility excellent
SWELL HEIGHT & DIRECTION: East by South, 1-2 m
SAILS SET: All sails set to the t’gallants
Sunny afternoon on the quarterdeck
Sunny afternoon on the quarterdeck