Day's Run Westward Bound

Day’s Run – May 11, 2015

A fantastic sailing day, watching fluffy white clouds blown across the blue skies as our own cloud of sail fills happily with the steady breeze. We’re making good time getting north, and surprisingly little lee-way. In the afternoon Captain and Chief Mate Sam Sikkema gave a talk about world-wide wind and weather and specifically what’s happening in the North Atlantic – right now, and how that’s expected to change over the next few days.
SHIP’S WORK: Overhauling brace blocks and braces: either end-for-ending the braces or sending up new line depending on the condition of the manila. Wire-brushed and oiled that section of anchor chain that’s always on deck to protect it from corrosion – especially important when we’re taking salt-spray over the focslehead. Oiled all the headsail sheet blocks and tarred the sheet pennants, spot painting white in the workshop.
BOUND FROM: Oranjestad, Aruba, Caribbean Sea
TOWARDS: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
NOON POSITION: 24°47.3’N /072°00.2’W
DAYS RUN: 146nm
COURSE AND SPEED: North by East, Course made good 355° true, 6.5 knots
WIND: Wind Force 5, North East by East
WEATHER: Fair, 4/8 cloud cover, barometer 1023 millibars and steady, visibility very good
SWELL HEIGHT & DIRECTION: East by North, 2-3 m
SAILS SET: All sails set to the t’gallants
Gabe and Di overhaul the port anchor chain
Gabe and Di overhaul the port anchor chain