Day's Run World Voyage 7

Day’s Run – June 28, 2018

Blue sky, seas laid down, a tropic bird passing over head, easy winds, ocean for as far as the eye can see on this clear South Pacific day.

The wind has calmed down today, the ship is sailing at a speed of about 4-5 knots. Work on deck is in full swing, calmer seas allows work on deck to run smoothly, with less chance of a paint can tipping over or a tool rolling off the hatch.

The rigging department continued serving the t’gallant foot ropes. This consists of using marlin and wrapping it ever so tightly around the wire with the use of a mallet and marlinspike tightening the end with a marlin hitch. Of course applying a sizeable amount of tar; tar is like sunscreen for the rig, it’s a great preservative.

The sail making department was busy sewing on roping and seaming the new royal sail. The teak door and frame to the carpenter shop, that hail from Norway circa 1952, were scraped by Kirsten of Alberta, Canada and Tony of England, in preparation for varnishing. The port breezeway head door and frame received another coat of varnish.

At 1230 eager celestial navigators got out the ship’s sextants and took a noon sight, using the sextant to measure the angle of the sun above the horizon, marking for some their first ever!

Dawson, the Captain’s five and a half year old son, and Annie, both of Canada, enjoyed a healthy game of broom hockey, preparing for this Sunday’s July 1st Canada Day celebrations.

At 1530 all hands mustered on the quarterdeck for continued lessons on ditty bag making. Today’s topic was grommets, which represents the roping portion of sail making. We’re now officially less than 2000 nautical miles away from Pitcairn Island!

From: Galapagos
Towards: Pitcairn
Date: Thrusday June 28 2018
Noon Position: 07°55.6’S x 100°57.7’W
Course + Speed: SW + 4.9 knots
Wind direction + Force: SExE + 3
Swell Height + Direction: 2 + SExS
Weather: Bright and sunny
Day’s Run: 124.7nm
Passage Log: 127.2nm
Distance to Port: 1957nm
Voyage: 4210.7nm
Sail Set: All sails