Day's Run World Voyage 7

Day’s Run – June 27, 2018

Only 2,000 miles to go to Pitcairn Island. Misty rain squalls that leave us rolling in short calms and put a damper on paint projects as well as slow down the sailmaking. But all is good enough. We are headed the right direction with warm fair winds.

Lots of rigging, sailmaking and small carpentry jobs are going on as we roll on down to Pitcairn. This morning Lars, of Norway, made a small wire splice on a t’gallant sheet and attached the new chain.

The carpenters have had their hands busy, yesterday Anders, of Denmark, overhauled the carpenter shop work bench and vice. Today his team is busy fixing up the carpenter shop door and frame as well as the capstan bar rack which is lashed to the after side of the foc’sle head rail. The rigging team took down the fore t’gallant foot ropes and are replacing the servings on the well deck – a gooey tarry sailor job.

More classes continue with Tad, of Washington, USA, teaching the eager nautical minds celestial navigation. Various parts of the ship received another coat of varnish this morning; the port side bridge pin rail, starboard side galley house and the starboard quarterdeck ladder.

All bets are in as to when we will drop anchor off the coast of Pitcairn. Everyone is looking forward to unloading the department store of items we have stored in the hold to bring to them.

From: Galapagos
Towards: Pitcairn
Date: June 27, 2018
Noon Position: 06°44,9’S x 099°13,9′ W
Course + Speed: SW 1/2 S +5.3′
Wind direction + Force: SExE + 4
Swell Height + Direction: 3.5 + SExS
Weather: Sunny, periods of rain
Day’s Run: 124.8nm
Passage Log: 126.4nm
Distance to Port: 2082nm
Voyage: 4083.5nm
Sail Set: All sails, including the gaff topsail!