Day's Run World Voyage 7

Day’s Run – June 24, 2018

Sailing full and by the wind, occasional squalls, some with a bit of wind in them. Many miles to sail…

Our first Sunday at Sea for this passage, the ‘Sunday Funday’ flag is flying high on the foremast and the relief galley team is vigorously chopping and prepping today’s meals – which thus far have been delicious and nutritious. After breakfast the new dayman team assembled on the hatch in order to reeve a new port main royal sheet. Once morning domestic cleaning was completed, the on-duty watch was able to continue working on their ditty bags that they began making during yesterday’s sail making workshop. The entire crew was very enthused by learning a new skill and gaining new knowledge on the subject of sail making. Every day the crew witnesses the sailmaker John, of Massachusetts, USA, stitching canvas and now they have a little insight into what his work is like.

Sundays are a day for the crew to catch up on personal chores, this morning the well deck looked like a scene from a laundromat with a handful of people washing, scrubbing and hanging their garments to dry. Squalls came in
mid-morning and the call to take in the flying jib and royals was made. The on watch halted work on their ditty bags and laundry and took in sails as two crew members scurried to the highest yards on the masts in order to stow the main and fore royal – a fun and thrilling task. This afternoon the ditty bag workshop part two will continue. And a healthy betting pool has been formed placing bets on which date and which hour we will arrive at Pitcairn Island.

From: Galapagos
Towards: Pitcairn
Date: Sunday June 24
Noon Position: 03°09.1’S x 093°56.4’W
Course + Speed: SW + 5.3′
Wind direction + Force: SExS + 4
Swell Height + Direction: 3.5m + SxE
Weather: Overcast, drizzle at times
Day’s Run: 128.2nm
Passage Log: 118.5nm
Distance to Port: 2460nm
Voyage Log: 3699.7nm
Sail Set: All sails except royals