Day's Run World Voyage 7

Day’s Run – June 17, 2018

A gorgeous Sunday at sea here on the Picton Castle, sailing full and by, close hauled on the port tack under the warmth of the sun. We are just one degree above the equator as a cool breeze runs through the ship. It’s been a peaceful morning on deck, no sounds of tools running or banging, the crew is at ease for the day which is important in order to regain one’s energy during long passages. After this morning’s domestic cleaning was completed by the on-duty watch they were able to bask in the sun with a book in hand, of course always on the ready in the event that sail handling is needed. In the galley one crew member from each watch was selected to cook giving ship’s cook Donald a day of rest. Connor, of San Francisco, has been raving all week about the mac n’ cheese that he has planned for this evening’s dinner – we are excited to finally taste the finished product. As the day carries on and the crew emerge from their Sunday sleep in, the sounds of an accordion (remarkably well played) and a trumpet (not so much) are heard on the well deck. It’s days like these where we can stop to reflect and enjoy the little moments together as a crew.

From: Balboa, Panama
To: Isla San Cristobal, Galapagos
Date: June 17, 2018
Noon Position: 01°04.1’N – 088°42.9’W
Course and Speed: Full and by (SW x N 1/2 W) + 4.9kts
Wind Direction and Force: SxE + 3-4
Swell Height and Direction: 4m + SSW
Weather: Bright, sunny
Day’s Run: 118.6nm
Passage Log: 119.4nm
Distance to Port: 127.2nm
Voyage: 3114.2nm
Sails set: All sails