Day's Run

Day’s Run – 7 October, 2018

Sunday at sea and a true one at that! Even the sun took some rest by sleeping in. An overcast start to the day set the tone for a relaxed day. After a busy time in port, getting the ship ready for sea and setting out again the calm day was much appreciated by all. Niko, of Colorado, USA, cooked up a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs, peppers and onions. With no power tools running today, only the sounds of sawing logs were heard from fellow shipmates’ bunks. Those who weren’t resting enjoyed each other’s company by playing board games in the salon, working on personal projects and socializing on the aloha deck. This afternoon the crew was able to have a movie showing in the hold! Yes, we sailors do love our movies, but mostly the popcorn. This move was called Tanna, about the Vanuatu Islands. At 1300 our band of ukeleles and singers rehearsed on the well deck, sending lovely tunes throughout the ship. Early this evening we held a marlinspike; music was played, crew members dressed in their best or most ridiculous shirts and popcorn was had. Oh yes and we wore ship… even with all the fun we had today, sail handling always comes first.

From: Suva, Fiji
Towards: Vanuatu
Date: October 7th, 2018
Noon Position: 17°19.8′ S x 172°56.3′ E
Course + Speed: W 1/2 N + 4.4 knots
Wind direction + Force: SE + 4
Swell Height + Direction: 1-2m + SE
Weather: Sunny, slightly overcast
Day’s Run: 105.5nm
Passage Log: 106.2nm
Distance to Port: 348.1nm
Voyage: 9969.9nm
Sails Set: All square sails, fore topmast stays’l, inner jib, outer jib, main topmast stays’l, mizzen stays’l