Transatlantic Voyage 2015

Day’s Run – 6 October, 2015

Noon Position: Docked in Lunenburg, NS, Canada

Weather: Overcast, H 16c L 9c, barometer 1013

Aloft training part two – today everyone was able to have their first experience going out on the port or starboard fore yard. Under the supervision of the Captain, with a Mate and Lead Seaman on hand to give instructions, crew members climbed aloft, made the transition to the yard at their own pace, and then maneuvered themselves along the yardarm. Everyone was then instructed on the proper positioning they will need when hauling up a sail for stowing. Though awkward at first, with practice will come confidence.

Captain Moreland came by the ship today at 1600 to introduce himself to the crew. He gave an overview of why he created the PICTON CASTLE, the charted course for the voyage and and spoke about the shipboard life and experiences that will become reality during the next three to six months. He peppered in stories of his sailing adventures across the globe and made sure that each crew member knew he was looking forward to meeting them personally. “This is one of my favourite voyages” he said, “I am very envious of you all as I will not be along for the trip”. My question becomes this: if a Captain sneaks aboard his own ship on the day of departure, is he considered a stow away?!

Optimized - Oct 6 - Lunenburg

Ships Work: Continued coatings on new jibboom and overhauled main t’gallant yard; stowed sails back under the sole of the main salon from Dory Shop sail-loft and warehouse; inventory, clean and restocked carpenters tools in hold; paint prepped porthole in foc’sle shower; sealed checks in jib boom with bees wax; installed and tightened fore top mast back stay and fore top mast stay; primed irons for spanker boom and main t’gallant yard and main t’gallant mast; inspected steel yard arms.