Day's Run Transatlantic Voyage 2015

Day’s Run – 6 April, 2016

A long morning today dealing with fouled anchors.  We had been planning to get underway today, but were delayed by some old 2″ stud link chain that had wrapped itself in a full turn around the shank of our big port anchor while it was on the bottom of the harbour. We had also let go our starboard anchor in a strong blow a couple of night before, and that had also wrapped its chain around the port chain.  It took almost five hours to clear the mess, using the windlass, capstan, tag lines and a lot of muscle power.  Thanks to Marty Amick who used his boat to manoeuvre our crew close to the anchors to get lines tied off.

By the time it was all done the Captain decided to wait one more night before proceeding to sea.  Two of the watches got a bonus afternoon ashore, and the on-watch just tidied up and looked after the ship.

taking up on a tag line
taking up on a tag line
fouled anchor
fouled anchor

SHIP’S WORK: Load KARL atop galley house, stow for sea, clear fouled anchors, emergency drills: fire and abandon ship including donning immersion suits

AT ANCHOR: St George, Bermuda (32°22.5’N /064°40.5’W) TIME ZONE: ZD+3

WIND: Force 6, North West

WEATHER: 3/8 cloud cover (cumulus, stratus), air temp 67F (19°C), barometer reading 1019 millibars, visibility good

SWELL HEIGHT & DIRECTION: no swell inside the harbour.