Transatlantic Voyage 2015

Day’s Run – 4 October, 2015

Noon Position: Docked in Lunenburg, NS, Canada

Weather: Sunny, cool breeze, H 15c L 10c, barometer 1030.

Much of what we do on the PICTON CASTLE involves a lot of coordinated effort from every person aboard. When I say this, your mind’s eye may immediately jump to the actual activity of sailing the ship which would be absolutely correct. But it also applies to most of the ship’s work that needs to get done as well. With each new task our crew members are learning more about how to work together efficiently and also how to take direction from those leading the projects. These lessons are an important part of maintaining the safety of both the ship and her crew. Of course, knowing when to give the crew a little extra time off is a huge bonus too! Our first Sunday saw some delicious crew-cooked meals, beautiful weather and a shortened work day. Cheers to that!

Optimized - Oct 4 - Lunenburg

Ship’s Work: Moved new jibboom from Dory Shop to bay; repositioned t’gallant yard in Dory Shop; moved sail cloth to second story of warehouse and rolls of canvas to Dory Shop; hauled three freezers out of hold onto the wharf; continue cleaning and oiling anchor chain shots; patching chafe gear on fore t’gallant foot rope; sanded entire Skiff; rust busted; varnished, primed and buffed jibboom; primed bowsprits; cut off outboard port side cathead shackle; furled small boat sails; priming fore and main tangs for rust busting.