Day's Run Transatlantic Voyage 2015

Day’s Run – 4 April, 2016

We arrived in Bermuda this morning, after a cracking seven day sail up from St. Martin.  It’s always amazing coming in through the narrow town cut: suddenly the water is a gorgeous shade of turquoise, the swell drops to nothing and all seems well with the world.  There was even a mother duck trailing fluffy ducklings to welcome us in.

Ty-rique, our Bermudian crew member was also met by his family and friends – understandably proud of what he’s achieved in six months at sea.

Arriving in Bermuda
Arriving in Bermuda

SHIP’S WORK: Dry and stow all sail, unbend and down rig the studdingsail sail, boom and gear.  Coats of varnish on the studdingsail boom, repairs to upper topsail, make up royal sail and inner jib for bending

FROM: Marigot, St Martin

TOWARDS: St George, Bermuda


NOON POSITION: 32°15.9’N /064°35.0’W

DAYS RUN: 95nm

PASSAGE LOG: 1,185nm


COURSE AND SPEED: At anchor, St George, Bermuda

WIND: Force 3, North by East

WEATHER: 3/8 cloud cover (cumulus, stratus), air temp 66F (19°C), barometer reading 1023 millibars, visibility good

SWELL HEIGHT & DIRECTION: no swell inside the harbour.

SAILS SET: All sails stowed