Day's Run

Day’s Run – 3 January, 2019

Beautiful rainbow sunrise off our stern this morning. As
the sun rose the winds changed veering from South East by East to South East by
South. At 0800 we braced square and passed the head sails, putting us on a starboard
tack. Helm was rather fun this morning, the helmsman had to be, like always,
extremely focused at keeping our ship on course. This can be a rather fun game,
having to put three turns on and then immediately take them off as the bow
swings in the direction you want her to go. A morning squall rolled through,
soaking both cats, neither were very happy about it.

On this morning’s work agenda the engineers stayed dry down below, overhauling all of the ship’s water pipes, both fresh water and salt water. The on duty watch stood by for sail handling during the light squall. Once it passed they got into ship’s work, unbending the stuns’ls from the yards and stowing them. Because we’re arriving in port shortly, we don’t need them now. John-Boy, one of our youngest crew members, 16 years of age, worked on patch servings on the starboard fore shrouds. The carpenter team, Carlos and Valerian, continue work on the new cat litter box. The riggers sent down the stuns’l gear and hauled in the booms that are rigged in the stuns’l irons on the fore upper topsail yard, fore lower topsail yard, and fore yard.

The skies have cleared this afternoon, allowing the
sailmakers to resume their usual position on the quarterdeck, laying out the
new spanker, adding brail patches and tabling. Preparations for port are
underway, the overall atmosphere is a happy crew. Happy  to be out at sea and thankful for such a
wonderful Indian Ocean crossing.

From: Bali, Indonesia

Towards: Rodrigues

Date: Thursday January 3rd, 2019

Noon Position: 19°20.1’S x 069°39.6’E

Course + Speed: NW by W 1/2 W + 5.1 kts

Wind direction + Force: Easterly + 4 Swell Height + Direction: 2-3m + NE/SE

Weather: Light morning rain, overcast, periods of sun Day’s Run: 122.1 nm

Passage Log: 2,646.6 nm Distance to Port: 352.6 nm

Voyage: 16793.6 nm

Sails Set: All square sails, outer jib, inner jib