Day's Run World Voyage 7

Day’s Run – 28 December, 2018

Smaller seas, lighter winds and cooler air on board Picton Castle today, which made for a lovely day at sea. This morning the 4-8 watch and those who were on deck got the stuns’ls prepped and set them again. They had been taken in last night for a squall.

The work day is laid out by the bosun, Anders, and the mate, Erin. Anne-Laure continued her work in seizing on ratlines. Dustin laid out to the head rig and replaced old gaskets with new ones and ensured all shackles have mousing wire securing them. Our medical officer Jen, of Nova Scotia, fashioned a new laundry line – very important to have sturdy laundry lines and plenty of them. With 37 people on board doing laundry from time to time, good to have. James, of Rhode Island, worked on splicing new main t’gallant sheets to their cleats that live on the main mast. Third mate Corey finished up the last of the new man ropes that will be cow hitched to the line between the davits above the monomoy and skiff.  Ted and Sue laid in with sailmaker John, working away at the new spanker. Productive day to finish the week off!

From: Bali, Indonesia


Date: Friday December 28th, 2018

Noon Position: 16°41.6′ S x 082°07.4′ E

Course + Speed: WxN + 4.7

Wind direction + Force: SSE + 3

Swell Height + Direction: 2m + SSE

Weather: Cloudy, yet bright

Day’s Run: 111.2 nm

Passage Log: 2284.1 nm

Distance to Port: 1080 nm

Voyage: 16054.9 nm

Sails Set: All sails including stuns’ls