Day's Run

Day’s Run – 23-25 August 2019

Position: Alongside Erie Maritime Museum, Erie PA

Weather: Sunny and warm with a light Easterly breeze. Saturday turned partly cloudy and a bit cooler, and on Sunday much of the same with the winds changing to Southeasterly.

Ship’s Work:

We continue the work on the little wooden dory ANN on the dock next to the ship. Last plank fastened to starboard side; commenced fairing floors.

Preparation for the Canal Passage began full swing on Sunday.

Friday Visitors:  2405 during deck tours; 224 visitors during evening function

Saturday Visitors:  2807 visitors

Sunday Visitors:  2590 visitors

Captain’s Comments: We were made to feel very welcome by the Erie Maritime Museum, our ‘home’ while we were in Erie. Our final Festival of the summer concluded 1800 on Sunday the 25th and once again we had a wonderful time. Taking part in these festivals is a lot of work for all involved (the ships & their crew (both on ship and on land), the event organizers, the volunteers and the vendors), but judging by the happy faces we’ve seen milling about from ship to ship all summer, it’s certainly worth the effort.

Off-watch and Captain were lucky enough to go twilight sailing in LETTIE G. HOWARD. Marvelous!  A pilot is booked for Wednesday 0800 when we still start our voyage home to Lunenburg.